Who is your ‘She’?

It is March 8th and I hear cheers of Women’s day celebrations. ‘Yay! I am proud being a woman’, ‘Go get that girlie’, ‘Equal rights’, ‘Women power’, ‘Women can’. Google changes its homepage into pink and with a feminine logo, changing Facebook profile pictures with temporary templates titled ‘International Women’s Day 2020’, WhatsApp status and Instagram stories crowded with successful women (specially people who I have no idea they existed in history) and their fairytales, sharing interviews and talk shows of some random women on social media; I swear these are happening right now. I swear, according to the internet research I did for the past couple of years, it is the usual way of ‘celebration’. Just try to keep this aside and let’s talk real… I mean real real!

First of all, I need to be clear, that I am not against the so called ‘celebrations’ and I am not to trash men. This is totally different. I understand that the establishment of the International Women’s Day is to honor the women, embrace them and motivate them to become something special on a long run with the men, in the life marathon; at least once a year. Nevertheless, it’s not the fact I am writing /talking about.

First, it should be understood, that a woman should be celebrated of herself every day. We don’t celebrate human’s day because it is obvious that we are all human and we either greet/regret it every single day. It is the same with either women or even men. Women are cared special because of their astonishing ability to bring a new life to the planet yet biologically speaking, a vital source of reproduction and heredity. So does men. They too have a part in bringing the juvenile to the world. They should be celebrated equally as well; as far as I think. Biologically speaking primates are specialized mammalian family and of them, Homo sapiens have the incredible traits; one of them the distinguishable male and female. That makes either parties unique. Instead of celebrating a single unit, care should be given on rejoicing the ‘uniqueness’ or ‘individualism’, which would be more like an ‘International Gender Day’. Irony is that men and women cannot be equal. Each have their special abilities and traits, biologically different body attributes, different sex organs, men have testosterone women have estrogen, women have vagina and they frequently get periods; men don’t, women undergo labor; men don’t, which makes them both ‘cherishable’.

I think I’ve made a clear concise that somehow relates male and female are quite distinct, biologically. Then what’s the need of a celebration to embrace femininity singularly (only a day for the whole year). Basically it dates back to some nameless eras where we have developed something called ‘culture’, ‘traditions’ and ‘customs’. This was the sole reason behind the so-called ‘embracing womenism’, as far as I have figured. Since, we had/still have the habit of following what our ancestors (or colloquially old folks) preached, without sense for questioning; such a thing hasn’t seem paradoxical. But if you think deep, men don’t fight for what they want. They haven’t hoisted posters for equal rights. They don’t celebrate men’s day. Neither of us know that every year November 19th is celebrated as ‘International Men’s Day’; may be some us might know. Yet, it never gets much attention as women’s day, because they have what they want. So they don’t need to raise voices against rape, child abuse, trafficking, violence, equal rights and so many other stuffs. This comes with the fact that they have a sturdy, muscular physique.

I don’t want you to be muscular, yet you can pretend to be one. Just think deep inside, of who you are. Every woman herself has a ‘she’ inside her, who drives the entire biological body to function. Some say a souls, some say willpower, some would even say spirit; I say it is ‘she’. ‘She’ could be voice, feeling, or even an emotion. ‘She’ is the one who decides ‘what to wear today’, ‘what to eat’, ‘what to do’ or stuffs like ‘whom to love’, ‘who should I kiss’, ‘who should I live with’. Find her. I am sure she is somewhere inside you; sometimes concealed, sometimes abandoned; sometimes shattered, broken or exhausted. Bring her back to life. ‘She’ will definitely take you to the place you want to be. Never let anyone hurt her or push her down. If ‘she’ is dead then you’ll be lifeless; your life beyond will be impossible. If you find your ‘she’ and embrace her; you don’t need to fight for equal rights and violence against women, not at least once a year. Plus, help each other. Then it’s “International Women’s Day” not only on March 8th but year round.

If you ask me “who is your ‘she’?”, I’d rather say, “she is the one who is writing this post, which most of them think waste of time or bull crap and some might find it fascinating. ‘She’ is the one who had helped me achieve my dreams, held me during my worst days, and applauded me on my good. ‘She’ is the one helping me to struggle anything that comes my way and march forward. ‘She’ is my friend, ‘She’ is teacher, ‘She’ is my pal all the way; then, now and always. It is because of her, I can enjoy a sip of coffee while writing this, at the backyard of my home; where I feel calm, peaceful and contented”

Now tell me……. Who is your ‘SHE’?



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