What is your view on self-love?

If I get a dollar for all the comments saying ‘you are too fat’, ‘you have high BMI’, ‘you are going to be in trouble’, ‘cut out your food habits’, ‘change your lifestyles’ blah blah blah; I would have been a millionaire by now. While in the western countries, body positivity is being addressed more and key movements are happening with fat and chubby people even in their fashion and media world, body shaming in Asia has become a prevailing concern.

If you have ever gone out shipping in the Asian street marts, you’ll find all piece of clothing that holds small/medium trials. I don’t know why Asian designers forget that the shape of Asian women is a kind of plump. It's their part of the job to craft pieces of clothing for women of all sizes. Instead telling women to lose weight to fit into their pre-designed attire is not only disrespectful but totally ignorant. I t is not their fault but body-shaming and body slimming has become a widely accepted franchise from the ‘well-known stereotypes’. Any men who are looking out for a partner to live with mostly prefer girls in skinny jeans and tanks tops. If they want to f*ck her and move on, well yeah! size matters. A woman with a 36–34–40 always gets their attention so easily.

I am not telling that all men prefer skinny girls. Yes, there are men who prefer the character or personality over looks. But I am saying it is very rare. Guys! Don’t get offended though. If you could see your past dating profile you would understand what I am trying to say. Well! It goes both ways. Even there are girls who are very picky about a guy’s appearance than his character. But, who are we kidding? We live in a society driven by for-men-its-fine attitudes. For at the end of the day, women’s size matters :)

Women of all sizes should be respected and all of them are deserved to be represented. From a size of 20 to 40, a woman should be celebrated in being able to wear what they want, in a way that amplifies them….

It’s toxic to measure a woman’s beauty by her waistline or her body shape and size instead of being honored for what they are potent of.
Never think being fat is a crime.

As long as you are healthy and happy being the way you are… No one can stop you!


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