We are all the same…

It’s 2 am in the morning and I am wide awake searching out for a reason to fall back. When I say a fall back, it doesn’t need to describe me as a warlord, but could be anything that is making you pull yourself down so you have a chance to live. I meant my hopes. When I look back at my life, I’ve lost my interest in living so many times. It was the high school, it was the desired academic career, it was the willing postgraduate degree, it was the lifestyle I wanted; everything at some point had shook my life and made myself give up on me. It does happens to all of us. I mean; not in the same way but there would always at least one point which haven’t made you satisfied in a way as you expected and to make yourself loose. We have to admit that. Have you thought of what has been driving you since then? If you are reading this I would say that “I never believed in luck. I had faith and trust that I will never fail ‘me’. Today I could have fallen down, but I will never give up. I will rise again”.

That is a very simple, yet complicated belief you should have. For that you should study and understand your ‘self’. What makes ‘you’?. Your skin? Your hair? Your eyes? Your persona? Your dreams? hopes? Thoughts? Feelings?. What makes you the real ‘you’? I believe the answer is simple, all of them together. When you met with an accident only your legs/hands gets bruised. It doesn’t mean that the whole body goes functionless. you break a leg; you heal and you walk. When something happens, it is only a piece of you gets bruised. The rest stays as it is. I guess, it seems so easy for the physical ‘you’but not the mental ‘you’. Obvious. Because, most of our skeletal muscles are voluntary- meaning that we control them. But the emotions, feelings and thoughts wandering around our psychological realm (some call it mind or soul or spirit or aura) is; mostly involuntary; just like a heart beat. They control us. Here I don’t represent all the people, but I speak for the most of the community.

I am no psychological expert to talk about ‘mind-body control’, ‘governing your emotions’, not the feeling drown you’, kind of biggy stuffs. Nope, I am definitely not up to that. But as far as I understand, since we all have the same issues, the same kind of solutions can be, at least, tried. I might not experienced the worst times but still had some bad times. When your body has a scratch or a bruise; the mind stays strong, you are going to be alright. But when thoughts goes out of hand it collapses the entire system. I have been through a lot like that, I figured out ways to come out of it. It is not as complicated as quantum physics but trust me not as easy as history (Historians, no offence please).

  1. Find your worry: When you feel down first you should identify the object making you down. It could be anything; lost career, broken relationship, high expectations, lost hope, a peer pressure, work place issues, family; it could be anything or anyone. Just find it. Isolate yourself, sit and think. Think harder and dig deeper.

Let’s just be honest. Mind-body control is not a big deal that you can achieve through yoga or meditation. Nope. It’s not true. If you can focus on your thoughts and emotions very closely by any means; even by reading a book, you can achieve a balance. It depends on you understanding your self and having a little bit of faith.

I had darkest days, I had felt so bad so many times; but deep down somewhere I trusted myself and not to give up on me. When you get mature with time; you’ll understand that there no one going to hold a light up for you in a dark tunnel. It is you who should carry at least a candle so to lead a way. Once in a life time we get a tour guide. But mostly we are on our own. When you trust that you are there for you, when no one is there, when you are proud of what you are and you are satisfied of what you have, no matter how many times you are shattered, I am sure, you can fix yourself. It is obvious, that something could make you down one day, something might frighten you. We all do. But the best way is to admit it and face it, so that you can see your power to beat it. It’s where you learn compassion. That’s how we grow.

We all have dreams, we all have hopes. We want to grow older. We want to be someone others are amazed of. We want to feel good about ourselves. We want us to be seen better than others. We want not to fall but to rise. We want to be proud of who we are and feel contented. No matter who we are or what we do. We think alike. We feel the similar way. We hope for the best. We are all the same.



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