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“Photographs are just light and time.”
- Aza Holmes

I had this habit of writing about everything that amazes me, every single day, with words. It was more like a personal journal entry. But to add color to the words I used a couple of photographs here and there. They are not photographically accurate but they just do their duty of pinpointing the exact memory of the particular day.

Looking back at the moment I found that I took some pretty good photos; in my point of view; so I gave it a thought of ‘why not give it a bit more perspective?’. There started the passion for actual photography.

Whether just daybreak or travel, I gave more attention to my photos as possible as to the words. I started freezing particular moments and stored them in my world of stupidity.

Last year, by the end, when I resumed writing on Medium; I thought of giving a shot in exhibiting my snaps on Unsplash. I never took this a serious career but it would be nice to showcase something we did.

Screenshot by the Author

So on 23rd December 2020, I started uploading my snaps to Unsplash bit by bit. I was curious about the stats though

I was checking the profile every day but I had only one or two views. But it was a baby step so I was waiting.

I was uploading photos continuously. I knew there are pros out there. I know I might not get a shot. But… I was also curious about how things would go.

But within two weeks, with more uploads, my stats were escalating.

And exactly after ONE MONTH…… Bhooom! I have 10K views and nearing 150 downloads. I mean I was flabbergasted. I really had to make sure of myself that I am not dreaming.

Unsplash Stats | Screenshot by the Author

So! This is not bad for me in a month. It’s all relatively going well. Isn’t it amazing?

Screenshot by the Author

Damn! That was a good one for this year :)

Kudos Ahalya! Let’s snap more :)

If you guys are interested in my idiotic world feel free to drop by my Unsplash experience.

Screenshot by the Author

Thank you for stopping by! Have great day folks!



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