The voice inside me

Photo by Jonas Von Werne on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter how loud you are, something silent and soft is going to make you quiet one day.

All the hurt you carry inside you as it belongs to the broken glass chunks is going to make you want to heal your wounds one day.

All the cold, numb pain you sip in the morning, once out of the bed... Like it doesn’t matter how who leave you anymore is going to make the sky rain down someday

And the thought you have every day, that the world will be better without you in, just want to let you know that it doesn’t matter useless or used you feel at this hour

It doesn’t matter who loves or hates you this morning
It doesn’t matter who pretend to care or not to care for you every time you need
It doesn’t matter what others like or dislike about your eyes, face, and body

Some would appreciate you, some not
Some say friends rest say enemies or in between frenemies
Never give yourself up on whatever the labels are

Some want you to succeed
Some would wish you fade out

You should know, that someday or sometime you are going to be grateful for choosing to stay no matter how hard it is to do so...
You are going to make yourself kind and proud one day…
And even if you don’t end up doing anything great, just I am letting you know that the love you give yourself, is somehow saving the world that feels you have failed…



Nothing but scribbled thoughts

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