The agony of solitude in a foreign land

Photo by Lachlan Dempsey on Unsplash

It has been more than a year in South Korea; not the best place to be during the pandemics, I guess. But looking back at the situations in Sri Lanka makes me feel better about my choices. Covid in South Korea was outstandingly intensive during March-April yet the government did a great job in controlling and limiting the public on the issue. Yet, the infection number tends to get high on and off; since people get to do crazy shit (like parties and gatherings)

Since the root cause from the Chinese personal in Korea (Chinese), the Korean locale got spontaneously became distant from all the foreigners living in their territory. I can’t say it is wrong but in our point of view you guys let them in without a check and you guys are holding insane gatherings even after the pandemics; then why sue us? There is no proper response for that or they tend to be unheard of such complaints.

Anyway, this has restricted my contact with the outside world since I have to be extra careful in not getting the infection ‘coz:

No parties, on meetups, no travels :(. Not for a month or two but like 10 months. 10 whole months without a connection to what I have been enjoying for more than two decades. This is crazy. Ikr?

At the start, the isolation felt okay since it was only the choice of survival. But as time flies……the suffocation has started to eat me alive.

I’ve read a lot of posts either on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or Reddit about the disturbing mental health during the pandemics and people starting to act weird and crazy. I didn't react crazy though but I can feel a part of me is indulging in utter darkness without being able to do what I want to (or rather I like) do.

Honestly, I was a person who took solitude by choice and enjoyed it to the core. But as everyone say, “Solitude: a gift when chosen; a curse when someone gives you”. Just leaving the thought here… :)



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