Perspectives are a perfect lie...

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I always wanted to write about what it is to be a troglodyte but whenever I start my post I stop it halfway, sometimes deleted it. Well! It is because when writing I always picture myself as a stereotype audience and end up in a conclusion that “she is clearly a depressed psychopath”, which clearly I am not. I should say that the word ‘psychopath’ seems to be a bit harsh here, so I looked upon the internet for a smooth phrase and found out it is called “antisocial personality disorder (ASPD)”. See that wasn’t so bad, right?. But yeah! I don’t have ASPD, I swear. How can I put this delicately..! I am antisocial but I love being one. So I made that clear, right?

When I googled ‘lonely girl pics’, all I got was sad, crying, and mourning pics of girls who are either sitting under the tree or by the lake or swinging. I mean I don’t understand the fact that they picture a girl who is alone has to have some problem in her life (I don’t speak for both genders here, only to which I belong). Maybe there are some but, not all. Why can’t I see a picture of a girl sitting by the lake, under the tree, reading a book or plugged into music or talking to the birds? What this solitude has to do with sadness and being pouty. Just because you choose to be alone when you are sad doesn’t mean it has to be obvious, the other way. No, it is not.

Let me clear this fact by focusing on my perspectives (please be aware, these are my perspectives! You may have a different one. If so, quickly ignore this post and move on to the next one). I am in my late 20s (although that could be TMI). I go by different tags. I am an academic, a researcher, an ecologist, a conservationist, a writer, a blogger, a cook, a singer (maybe let’s not look too much into this), and an enthusiast. I mean, what could not be there for me to be satisfied in life? I have a career, I have a strong mind and willpower to work towards a committed goal (which is a doctorate in my field). But do you think, I prefer to be amidst the crowd? If yes, then your perspective is wrong. After all this much of tags, I choose to indulge myself in a piece of solitude where I am comfortable in my room, in my PJs with music in the ground (switches from hard rock metal to smooth melodies), either having a coffee or a drink, accompanied by a book or movie or Netflix. That, I would call “comfort zone” is the place I want to be even after all the chit chats. I write my blog when I am alone, I mean when I am in my ‘comfort zone’. Funny thing is, no one gave it to me. I choose this and I am enjoying it. After all this day’s work, I want to settle in my comfort zone.

For a woman who has non-stereotypical perspective, people would easily say “she is quite an oddball”.

I often notice that it is easy for a woman’s choices to be judged by either the opposing gender or society. A guy friend of mine told me that it is because everyone thinks women are the weaker sex so it is easy to judge or rather to critique their choices over minor things (like their hairstyle) to the bigger issues (like the guy she marries). The plot gets even worse in certain communities where women aren’t even allowed to have choices.

From the beginning of all, wherever this biological formation of humans started, physiologically males and females were born equal. Other species of the family don't give a damn about all these factors... We; the big brain maniacs are the ones ruining the basic biology here.



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