My Culinary Art -2020

Some would say 2020 is the worst. No offense though. In a way, it is for me as well. Living abroad, alone, too much to handle yara yara… but one of the things I enjoyed in the last year was my cooking.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

I am not a professional chef but I was someone who had to tackle food issues in a foreign land just for survival. But then I started to find peace and joy in it and it really helped me out in dealing with stress and anxiety.

So I dug in deep and tried a variety of food (or experiments, I’d say) and kinda mastered basic standards as an authentic cook (just kidding). This is just an exhibition of what I’ve tried and cooked in the last year.

Fair warning:
Some could look like easy recipes for you guys, but it was big deal for me. So please don't judge. Just enjoy it and move on :)

Pardon me for the less specific photos, I didn't think of writing this post back then.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Rice and Curry

Chicken Briyani, Vegetable Pulau and Puliyotharai (Tamarind Rice)
Vegetable Briyani, Omu rice, and Vege fried rice

2. Curries

3. Ramyeon (Korean Noodles)

4.Pasta, Macaroni, and Spaghetti

5. Rotti, Poori, and Parotta

6. Uppuma

Semolina Uppuma
Bread Uppuma

7. Snacks and Stuffs

Korean Kimbap, Sweet potato and Pancakes
Kottu Rotti, Ttebokki and Popcorn
Sandwich and Pancakes
Sandwith and Ttebokki (Korean Rice cake)

And that’s a wrap. Phew, I think I nailed it…!

Good job! Kudos to me :)



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