Lucy and her (useless) talking bot

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5 min readJan 30, 2021


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I was watching Ozzy man reviews on YouTube the other day and came across a new bot series where Ozzy man has been featured. So I took a peak, loved it, could not get my head out of it, and now I am here writing about it.

Lucy and DiC; a short, comedy, sci-fi series that tells a story about a girl living alone with her talking robot. So we think robots are meant to be helpful and make lives easier and better. But this one, DiC, is actually a ‘d*ck’.

Featured YouTube channel: We Made A Thing Studios
Creators: Jeremy Kelly-Baker, Thomas Phillips
Starring: Lucy Gransbury, Ethan Marrell (Famously known as ‘Ozzy Man’)
#Seasons: 1
#Episodes: 8

The plot runs around just two characters; Lucy and DiC, whilst some of the others come to the screen on and off. Lucy is a loner girl who lives with her talking drone DiC who is supposed to be making her life better but in turn, he makes her life miserable by mostly talking useless sh*t.

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The series comprises eight short episodes on simple themes that we badly need/face/act out every day. Let’s dig deeper into the episodes:

Episode 1: How to Be Better

The New Year starts with hopes, goals, and parties for others while Lucy and DiC stay on the couch, watching TV, eating nachos, and drinking wine. DiC rebrands Lucy’s list of goals into a list of wins.
It’s a pity she couldn’t come up with anything achievable for this year and she ends up with a to-do win list starting with ‘write a list’ and ticks it.

Episode 2: How to date IRL

In the world of swipe right romances, DiC sets up Lucy with an authentic IRL date; which conceivably goes wrong at many different levels but at least the duo had a fun load of entertainment.

Episode 3: How to get fit fast

Lucy switches to a fit bot to achieve a change in lifestyle but DiC opposes it every single time. She alternated food, exercise, and lifestyles to get fit and highly motivated by the fit bot which makes DiC angry and he does his best to lure her back into the sh*t show. In a way, fitness was too much for her and Lucy gives up on the fit bot and everything turns back to normal.

Episode 4: How to go minimalist

With the summer sales, Lucy goes shopaholic and the house gets messy; piled up with boxes. Instead of cleaning the house, they chose to go minimalist. DiC experiments several ways he found online on going minimalist and both get vexed with this whole scenario. Then they find Persey; a cleaning bot and includes them in their Rad Pad

Episode 5: How to boyfriend experience

On her 30th birthday, Lucy spends her day hectic at work. DiC surprises her with young Jonathan, who he found online as a ‘male companion’. Lucy caught in an awe moment and explains to DiC that Jonathan is not a companion but a prostitute. After realizing the blunder caused; DiC tried hard to soften the surrounding. On the other hand, Lucy finds herself vibing with Jonathan and pours her heart to him. In the end, all three of them spoon and cuddle-sleep together.

Episode 6: How to not get fired

Lucy is fired for sexually harassing a male employee with lude pics via Lucy’s office mail. As the plot turns out DiC was the one who sent some offensive mails to the guy. Even he explains that is his mistake, Lucy is still fired and the scene closes by Lucy going to the bed and DiC trying to cheer her up.

Episode 7: How to build a rebrand

In order to clean the mess, DiC tries to merchandise rebrand ideas via socializing and creative retreats. He brings in three brand ambassadors with printed t-shirts he manages to make wealth by selling products and promos. Lucy was not into his ideas at the beginning but gets intrigued and joins the club.

Episode 8: How to move on

Lucy is invited for a drink by her Mom for her 30th birthday and been gifted another support drone to replace DiC. She forces Lucy to find the negatives and clearing the mess from her life; in short to make her life better. The Mom-Drone startled Lucy, she spills Gin and Tonic on it, and it gets killed. DiC creates a distraction while Lucy sneaks the body out of the house. Out there on the field, she ends things with clarity. With that, the episodes close and so does the series.

There are also a couple of mini videos on DiC’s business ventures, couch times, and some others. You can check it on the channel itself.

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The positive sides of the series that made me love the show were:

  1. The simplicity in the concepts and plot. We heard and saw many scenarios of robots being used to make lives better. But DiC is just like one of our colleagues; useless and a pure ‘aresehole’.
  2. Lucy; resembles us. A simple girl sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating nachos. That is the dream all the girls would go for.
  3. The plot. So real, down low, and meek. What literally we do in our daily life. So it is easy for the episodes to be related to our personal lives.
  4. Two is a couple and three is a crowd. Duality in the story is a backbone the modesty in taking the message to the audience properly and as intended.
  5. Language. Emotions. Feeling. This entire three makes us feel that we are looking at the mirror. Because the right amount of their essence brings the plot to life.

Lucy and Ethan have given their best. Their Australian accent is an added beauty. I can’t unsee DiC popping into my head when I see Ozzy man reviews now.

But don’t take my word for it; check in the channel and look for yourself. They are just 10-minute videos to make your life happy, lovely and productive (savage!).