Let’s wrap it up: 2020

So it is officially the end of 2020. I think this is the most-hated year by people right next to the year where the Asteroid hit the crater and making the dinosaurs extinct (c’mon I always wanted to see a dinosaur in real; we all do, right?). I know last year has been rough on us. Lightly rough on some; but hardly rough on most. Losing your loved ones, separated from families, exhausting pandemics, and the pressure it brought on us, loneliness, anxiety, depression … the list goes on. I know. But still, we made it to 2021; so that’s a win right? So let’s get off that crazy thoughts wrapping out your head for a while and try to move on. Let’s all have a bit of optimism that the new year will bring dawn and hope for the best.

This is my 2020 gratitude time. I haven’t much done but still, I have a few something to applaud and regret in 2020.

My win-wins

  1. Academically, I had a very productive year. The second stages of research sampling, sediment coring, and data collection were done (I know his sounds boring but bear with me; this is what I do for a lifetime). I had to run thousands of sediment cleaning and analysis for carbon determination. I spent more than six months of this year in my lab, working late nights, even up to 3 am for the sediment digestion and data recording. But in the end, the output was pretty impressive and I could present very very high-quality data clusters which put my research outcomes in a very unique place.

Further, I have worked, written, and published seven academic research articles in the fields of my work most of them highly appreciated by my related research crew.

2. Completed my dive training amidst all the covid fear and finally got my Open Diving License. It was a to-do list on my diary since the day I started studying marine science but couldn’t get it because of the logistic and emotional blackmails of my mom. But here, in Korea, I managed to find an English-speaking trainer (after so much hardship) and with about three months of intense training I got the license….yay!!!!

My first official dive as an open water diver was in Pohang, South Korea triple dives (three types and three different locations) at depths 5, 10, and 21 meters was an excellent experience for the lifetime. I would not recollect the same experience in the other dives mostly ‘coz I got used to it. But the first was the best. The experience was unspeakable (of course I can’t speak deep inside the sea). It was like Finding Nemo in real life. Such an amazing moment in my life.

3. I joined myself in a couple of research institutions for mangrove research and resource sustainability programs and got into the action platform. Participated and conducted webinars globally and nationally (Sri Lanka). This satisfied me with what I am doing is right and I am on the correct pathway to use my knowledge for the protection of the planet we are living in.

4. I branded myself with a newer version accordingly to an ac demic path I am gonna be and started working accordingly. Putting up awareness posts on blogs, technical writing and public awareness creation on mangrove deforestation has been of key focus.

5. Publishing my photographs into a photographic website and exhibiting them so that my work is made popular among the community. I am not a pro though but I have been keen on properly attaining the photography sessions and indeed captured some nice shots myself. I thought this year I’d exhibit the collectible; definitely not for wealth but an acknowledgment of work.

6. Started writing again for freelancing as well for the Medium platform. I stopped writing in the public domains for a couple of years for personal reasons and this year I resumed everything and now back on track.

My regrets:

I don't have specific regrets this year since the year itself was a complete regret (hahaha!) but there is one thing I feel I have been fooled.

Myself being an introvert and very picky about letting people inside my circle, I was terribly hurt by a person inside my ring. It was a total investment of effort, time, and emotions completely gone wrong which had made me lose hope and faith in humanity and shrink myself to a much more thicker shell. Some said it was right emotions towards the wrong place yet it didn’t convince me at all since the last words were ‘it doesn't mean anything at all’. This was pretty tough to forget nor to forgive but to stay away from people. Also, this has been the most regretting things for my entire lifetime.

Trusting people isn't easy. But seeing your trust broken down into pieces tearing your heart down is the worst. I have gone through that this year, but I vowed that I won’t let this happen anymore.

My second regret is that the year has shrunken my travel zone to nearly zero. I couldn’t travel more though because of the heavy restrictions in South Korea and personally, I didn't want to get into trouble much in a foreign land. Hopefully, if everything gets better in the coming year I think I will catch up with my travel agenda compensating for the 2020 list as well.

All over the year was so-far so-good. I can neither say pretty good nor the worst. Perspectives are different from person to person. Still, it's a win-win that I am writing this and you reading this. Let’s hope for the best and appreciate what we have at this moment :)

Happy New Year 2021 Folks!!!!



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