Let’s have a Break-writing-fast

Let’s grind that big brain of mine and spill out the thoughts

It’s been so long since I have written a blog. Ikr? My last post was edited on March and I left Instagram on April and Boom!…. That’s the last month of writing. I literally wanted to take a break from all the emotions and thoughts swirling around my head, killing my nights and made me bleed through words. But who am I kidding? Now it’s time to break the fasting and have a mid night snack. Honestly, getting back on track after a break, even though some might feel refreshing.. trust me when I say this; IT IS TOUGH. Back then when I open my laptop or unlock my phone I hear my brain speaking which I type-in to create a post. Most of them were okay-posts and some of them were shitty posts seldom I write good posts; but I don’t try to please anyone with my words. After all, c’mon they are my thoughts and I swear I don’t think about butterflies and roses. Nope! Not even a single thought of mine is sweet and pink. They all are black, dark, weird and creepy. It’s all how I vibe :)

But now when I sat to write this post, all of a sudden my vocabulary seem to have gone on a vacation and grammar has retired, so that I am struggling to write a post. It is more like a sailor on a break have returned to the deck but have forgotten sailing (See! this analogy has been written here c’oz I am bragging about myself as a MARINE scientist! What a self-centered person I am. I should call myself a bragger rather than a blogger). So my advice here is to…… take a break; but not a long one! So you don’t get a starting trouble like me.

At this point I want to write how much I missed my writing and blogging, because it was kind of a tool for me to streamline my thoughts and keep me sane. Now, don’t think I have become insane for the past couple of months. No! I must say I am insane, ALWAYS but my thoughts through the words lessen my insanity. I am not a professional writer. I don’t write children novels . I don’t write biography. I don’t write motivational stories. You won’t see my smiling photo behind any book, under the title “ABOUT THE AUTHOR” in an international book convention. I am not the person who writes “New York’s Best Selling” books. Nope. I am not that kind of a writer. I write me! I write my thoughts! I write my emotions! In a more sophisticated version, my posts are an embodiment of what I think or what I see. I’ve missed my writings like how I missed my homemade food in a foreign land. I missed blogging like a lost childhood memory. Writing this post about how I missed my writing, feels like meeting a long lost friend. Nostalgic! Exciting! Exhilarating!




Nothing but scribbled thoughts

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Blank Voice

Blank Voice

Nothing but scribbled thoughts

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