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My passion for the words started even before I started thinking with my own head (Just kidding; how would I even write if not thinking…silly me). Growing up with piles of books around me, vocabulary I was fueled with words and emotions. Mom introduced me to an eternal practice of “Diary writing” since childhood has made me write something no matter whatever it is, daily. I am eternally grateful to her for that.

At School ages, I participated in tons of writing competitions annually where I was coached and trained for content and creative writing by super talented trainers. I still have the training essays and how much stress I was going through as the deadlines haunt me. I’ve often bunked classes to write training essays. I never thought I have secretly developed a fetish for the writings and becoming addicted to that (a good-type addiction). But I have not thought of taking writing as a serious career because I was aiming for a medical career (during school ages). Yet I never stopped writing my personal journal. I couldn't. I was allured to the fanciness of the words and the pride whenever my readers gloat me. To be honest, I was word-high :)

I couldn't make it up to the medical field but hopefully, I to into ecological studies and now become an academic who is respected for the achievements in my field. Currently, I am a grad student and soon-to-be doctor :)

All these times, I had my highs and lows. But it never occurred to me that I should stop writing. I was writing in journals, blogs, and freelancing. Still, the deadlines haunt me though but never quit writing. For the past two years, I kinda stopped my freelancing and stuff due to personal reasons. My write-ups became dark and shady. A couple of times I thought of quitting it but it was the only tool that was keeping me sane. I honestly, cannot think what would I’ve become without bleeding my pain via ink. I’d gone nuts; I am pretty sure. But here I am completely healed and rise back like a phoenix.

I started writing in Medium this December with a target of expecting 100 followers at the end. Since I was out of touch on formal blogging and writeups I was scared to write to an open platform but I vowed myself whatever it is I will write a post everyday. So did I. For the first five posts, I didn't get any recognition. Neither a clap nor stats. I was too scared to write again and honestly speaking a tad lost confidence( I know it sounds naive for an adult but I had to admit it) in my writing :(

One day I was going through my personal blog and the posts I’ve written to vent my feelings. Some of them very really very emotional and while reading them I literally felt the pain behind that and made me cry a bit. But I understood that my words aren’t that bad (I cannot say pretty good; right?) but the challenge I imposed myself was triggering me to break the ice. And indeed I did. For the next, five days I have never given much attention to the stats but I tried to write my own stories in more reader-friendly wordiness. In other words, I carved my emotions into words. And……..boom! It worked and my phone and mail started buzzing almost every hour.

Tomorrow being the last day of the month, I nailed my achievement of writing the most viewed stories and more than 100 followers. This could be nothing for other writers out there with 10K or 20K followers but for newbies (on Medium) it was worth a shot.

To my followers and readers: Thank you, guys! You all been the greatest part of this. Sending words of love…




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