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  • Jared Hocking

    Jared Hocking

    I enjoy reading, writing, cover songs, bookstores, inspirational quotes, protecting animals and the planet and making Spotify playlists

  • Ellie Jackson

    Ellie Jackson

    A wandering mind, looking for somewhere to put all these thoughts down, except from inside my head — it’s a little too full.

  • Filza Chaudhry

    Filza Chaudhry

    Writer, Poet, Creative Visionary, Humanitarian, Editor of Heart Revolution. We are ONE collective, ONE humanity, ONE love💗 https://medium.com/heart-revolution

  • Carlos Garbiras

    Carlos Garbiras

    Storyteller sorting out the deeply ingrained neurosis of a topsy-turvy upbringing in Colombia.|| garbiras.me || Unequivocally Ambiguous Cultural Critiques

  • Kevin Alexander

    Kevin Alexander

    I write about music, current events, and airplanes. Want more great sounds right in your inbox? Check out my latest newsletter project: https://bit.ly/3flje0F

  • Jasmin


    Traveler,photographer, risk-taker, language trainer, aspiring wordsmith, and at the moment — a hobo :)

  • Toni Crowe

    Toni Crowe

    Sarcastic escaped executive. Best-selling author. Writes whatever she wants. Twitter @crowe_toni

  • Deeksha Agrawal

    Deeksha Agrawal

    programmer | love literature | space of inclusive perspectives | acceptance for all thoughts that could possibly exist in the Universe

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