Feeling Blue…?

Photo by Ahalya Arulnayagam on Unsplash

Most of the days I wake up to see my sun rising with a wink, wind soothing and mocking me. But sometimes I just wake up, eat, sigh, sleep, eat, sigh, and just call it a day. Most days I feel active but there are some days.. I feel blue for no reason. You know what? It’s okay :)

At some point in your life I know everybody has gone through a phase of having no friends, ate alone, no hangouts, sometimes had no focus in life and/or work ending up yourself in self-pity and embarrassment? I feel you. I know it hurts for a time or two, but trust me it is not your fault. I feel the same, at times. It’s okay :)

Sometimes I don’t want to hang out with people or even talk to them. Many times I even avoid them and isolate myself. There are times, I have hidden my thoughts, emotions, sadness, and even happiness inside me when it gets a bit overwhelming to the point I can’t handle it anymore. Most times I feel cheerful but there are times I feel nothing but gloomy. Trust me. It’s okay :)

Does this rant make any sense to you?

At times I know. At times, I don’t know. But it’s okay :)

I know loneliness consumes you sometimes. I know you want to reach out to someone, to call anyone, to be hugged by someone; to feel less alone… And I exactly know how disappointing it could be when you cannot. I know there is a subtle pain not being checked by someone. To be in a less human touch. I’ve been there. But I can tell you… It’s okay :)

I was listening to the “Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars and that’s exactly what I am talking about.

There are people who love you; care for you; who will drive you back home; check on you; laugh at your dumb jokes; listen to you ramble about stuff. They are out there in the universe; somewhere…

Things will grow and change. Just hang in there. Positive things will be coming for you. And if you are still going through a gloomy phase; stay strong. Keep your head up. You will find your people and good things soon and this phase fades soon. This shall too pass.

Then you will feel the warmth of the human connection again. Things will work out. I cannot stress this enough. Things will work out. It will always turn upside down according to your plan. You may be completely lost and blindfolded now; shattered or might be falling apart. But believe me…this is just a transition phase. Now that you learnt to be strong you can win anything in the upcoming calamities. Hold on to that. Just feel that life is adapting you to prepare for what is to come. Until that be patient and stay strong. It is going to be okay :)

For now, just a gentle reminder, every other day you survive is a step forward. You are doing great. For that be proud of yourself and keep going.



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