Duh... Past is always haunting ….. (Teehee)

Btw WW 84: I have to say it was kind of a disappointment for a long waited sequel. I have no regrets over Gal 'coz she had put her best on bringing the feminine strength to the character but the plot and way of narration doesn't seem to have compensating WW (2017).

I love the way the story started though from the early story of Diana; the clarity of the character development of Diana and of course Antiope opens the movie bold and beautiful. But on the way mid half there were that was very obvious holes and the team didn't take much effort on filling it... which for a DC movie is kind of disappointing.

Max Lord has done his part pretty well. But the dumbest thing was that he takes the satellite communication devices and talking to the world wide people... that was pretty dumb. It kinda made look like the Indian movies.

Steve (Chris Pine) has given his utmost on to the plot. The way he get amazed by the trash can... hahaha that was pure innocence.

Kristen Wiig: Originally cheeta's character has a bit of negative excellence in comic books. Honestly DC is the one who created a feminine space for not only the heroes but the villain as well. But in the film they have neglected to show the real face of cheetah.

And the climax is bit of a fun part where cheetah and WW fight. I mean WW's suit... Really? Are you freaking kidding me? That would have been the most ridiculous suit a superhero movie had. They could have bit adjusted the armor according to Gal's body structure. It was a wreck in the story.

When they run the plot with the wish stone they have forgotten to clearly narrate how the stone works though. Over all, for a DC fan it was something brave and beautiful but Patty should have concentrated more on the plot to make less ….

I apologize for the lengthy response. I sorts got lost when you asked for it :)



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