Blank Voice

Photo courtesy by the Author (Busan, South Korea)

The howling of the winds

Just makes sounds like racing cars

The grey colored sky waiting to pour down

Painting the sky like a mockery clown

The slight ray of light peeping through the clouds

Questions itself with doubts

Moving closer bit by bit to the land

Wait until I…



Photo by Spencer Pugh on Unsplash

Shattered in pieces of plenty
Is this me…?
I couldn't even recognize

Fighting to breathe more,
walking to empty shore,
keeping me busy,
was not that easy.

Overthinking brain took control
Autopilot mode for a while
Creating a void inside,
nothing let to decide.

Resting alone,
Finding home,
Just for me



Photo by the Author (Busan, South Korea)

Something that holds me
from my innate stupidity
and the outside reality

The picture was taken from my dormitory room a year before last winter (2019) in Busan. The time was a bit rough and I went through a major mental breakdown. I spent most of my time isolated and…