Wild, Weird, and wonderful ME. This was Spring in South Korea, 2020. Amidst all the pandemics I managed to do a bit of traveling (Photo by the author)


Thank you for stopping by. I am pretty sure this is gonna be a boring and lousy piece of writing since I’ve never thought about writing about myself. For me being an absolute humble and generous person bragging is not my cup of tea. …

The degree of impact differs significantly with marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash

The 2017 Global Environment Facility (GEF) policy on ‘Gender Equality’ states that “men and women use natural resources differently and, as a result, they are affected differently by changes (affecting) to these resources. Gender inequality and social inclusion increase the negative impacts of environmental degradation on women and girls.”


Photo courtesy by the Author (Busan, South Korea)

The howling of the winds

Just makes sounds like racing cars

The grey colored sky waiting to pour down

Painting the sky like a mockery clown

The slight ray of light peeping through the clouds

Questions itself with doubts

Moving closer bit by bit to the land

Wait until I hold you in my hands

Playing with the winds and the sea

Hush! It is just you and me ☺

Well! Tell me Mr. Rainy man

Will you be mine? ♡

The picture was taken today in Busan, South Korea by the author. It was a fine rainy evening which is an alarm call for a solitude poem. I love this lonely late evening where I walk in the rain like I own it and soak myself with the rain. It's madness some might say. But for me, it’s a never-ending relationship.

Photo by Spencer Pugh on Unsplash

Shattered in pieces of plenty
Is this me…?
I couldn't even recognize

Fighting to breathe more,
walking to empty shore,
keeping me busy,
was not that easy.

Overthinking brain took control
Autopilot mode for a while
Creating a void inside,
nothing let to decide.

Resting alone,
Finding home,
Just for me
with the wind and sea.

Chasing after my thoughts,
have become a lost cause
The winds and the waves and their buffoonery
tells me not to worry.

Smiling a little
Glowing a little

Photo by the Author (Busan, South Korea)

Something that holds me
from my innate stupidity
and the outside reality

The picture was taken from my dormitory room a year before last winter (2019) in Busan. The time was a bit rough and I went through a major mental breakdown. I spent most of my time isolated and in solitude. Controlling your thoughts, to have mental health is a greater deal, it seems. The effort is always excessive. It was a big deal for me coming out of it. To all who is out there, needing a little love and affection, you are not alone. Let’s be there for each other. Let’s grow together.

Thank you for reading. Have a cheerful day!

Blank Voice

Nothing but scribbled thoughts

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