2020 -Mental health-challenged

The autumnal nostalgia in Gyeongju, South Korea

At this point in my life, for a moment or two, I think about what has been bothering me at times; drowning myself in the ocean of repentance. I think of what blunders I had been making in the past and what wrongs I had been doing myself. The people, the things, the matters, the incidents; all that had been meant so much at some point in my life, now mean nothing to me.

This could have happened to either of you reading this post. The happiness, the pain, the guilt; any emotion that you thought would be forever might have faded away. People made forever promises; best friends, couples, name any relationship; the pandemics have put a hard pause on it. I felt this a bunch of times. I know you might as well. This is how I came out of the sufferings.

  1. There is no harm in keeping a pace in the relationships. Just don't run fast but a constant steady one would ease the pain.
  2. No rebound measures. You think switching from one to another would satisfy yourself (either mentally or sexually) but will give you more and more broken pieces of shades
  3. Never put yourself out too much for anyone or anything. This would raise hope and high hopes when held down brings you too much pain.
  4. Last but not least, trust yourself. Love yourself. Be there for yourself. Take a day off. Put on some makeup. Read a book. Do insane shopping. Play jazz and dance. Spend some time with you; only for you; as a routine.

2020 has been hard; I mean not only for me but for everyone. But this is just a phase we need to pass through. Believing in (blindly, I‘d say) that good things are coming for us; would always make things easy, at least for a bit.

All that I’ve learned is “ Everything passes and everyone changes!”.
I’m not sure, what thinking about them brings on my face…
Either a wistful smile or endless tears!



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